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About Us

About Swap Deal is recommended as a 'new' type of trade for my online traders which is unique, bringing back old memories and culture of trade at a time when money was tight/not in existence..

The difference between buying and bartering is that barter does not involve a monetary transaction; you simply offer an item you do not want in exchange for something that you desire..

We trade barter now for various reasons/benefits like;
1) Recycling: no wastage, environmentally friendly.
2) No cost involved: get what you want with something you already own.
3) Flexibility: trade similar items or two completely different items.
4) Fair trade: getting a similar/close value for your items that you want to exchange.
5) Saving money: with both parties getting what they want/need, without having to spend a single cent.
6) Desired outcome..

Bartering is a fun and practical way to trade with one another. It promotes community building and you can make friends along the way..

Happy Bartering!

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